Our remaining time in Philly was spent going to the playground and spending most of our time with my dad.  The weather was really nice and got much warmer during the week.  Laura likes weeding a lot and picked more dandelions.  They somehow managed to end up in my purse.  Not good.

This is a shot of Laura eating chicken salad on flatbread, topped with tomato and a smear of salted fish roe.

We visited a friend of mine from high school who has 2 kids, Esther and Eli.  Esther immediately took to Laura and the two girls were off playing for the rest of the evening. There was no fighting, no crying, no nothing.  It was refreshing.  She didn’t even come to me for anything.  She was completely entertained and Esther was the best hostess.

I was driving home and Laura asked me for some tissues.  This is what I saw when I turned around. She must have been really drainy.

On Wednesday, my dad took us to one of his friend’s house for lunch and some Bingo!  We ate tons of food and then set up the Bingo game.  We didn’t do very well.  Laura won only once and that was with some cheating involved with the host of the house.  I may have won 3 times.  Toward the end, Laura spun the wheel while I called out numbers.  It was fun.

We also indulged in at least 3 trips to Rita’s water ice.  Laura calls it Baritas.  Yummy.

We got back home  on Thursday to a thunderstorm and cold weather.