Laura and I flew down to Philly on Friday night.  On Saturday, we visited mom’s grave site.  It was really cold out so we didn’t stay very long.

Afterwards, we went to Minado, a sushi buffet, for lunch.  It was spectacular. This is my first plate.

Then my second plate of fried goodness (or badness).

Laura did not do a good job of eating her worth in food.  A couple of masago and edamame.

Then ice cream and jello.  What a waste!

Ymo got tickets to the Barnes museum for all of us.   I was actually surprised at how large the collection was.  After a whole 10 minutes, Laura wanted to go home.

We walked around the grounds afterwards.  Laura weeded while we smelled the lilac bushes.

They were delicious.

In the late afternoon, we visited some friends.