This morning, Laura helped me clean.  She dusted around the house because we invited a few of our friends for a get together.

I know how shocking it is to see this table actually clean!  Good job, Laura.

She also got a surprise package from my cousin!  It was a ton of Bento stuff.  Laura will have a lot of fun with this.  Awesome!

Before our friends arrived, Laura took my camera and took some photos.  A lot of self portraits.  Extreme close ups.

Waseem and Rayan came and Laura introduced them to Tulip who escaped from her pen again.  They were very good and gentle with the bunny and fed her some lettuce and carrots.

They played well for most of the day but barely ate anything.  They did chow down on some dessert, of course.

The weather was really nice and then got really hot.  So hot that it felt like summer.  Soooo nice.