On Saturday, Laura came out of her room dressed like this.  Unlike Friday which was a warm and gorgeous day, Saturday was cold with intermittent rain storms.  We actually had hail in the late afternoon.  She was not happy that I told her to put some pants on.  Seriously, what is up with this get up?!

Laura captured some pictures of her own using my camera.

The day was pretty horrible.  We ended up driving from one store to another running errands: Target, Ikea, BJ’s.  I went to Super 88 and bought these treats for Laura.  We used to get this candy as a kid and it brought back some great memories.  I remember the little prizes and the rice film on the candy.

Laura liked the rice film too.

We were very disappointed with the prize.  A sticker.  I think they stopped giving the little cars and other prizes because they were probably choking hazards.  Oh well.  On the package, it reads “Free Children’s Sticker Inside”.  Booo

I also picked up this candy.  I never saw this one before but the prize looked better.

The candies were like a browned sugar/caramel flavor.  It was actually nice.  The prizes were these paper animals that you assemble.  Cute.

On Sunday, when Laura woke up, she made me find my Mother’s day present.  She hid it under my bed first and because that was too easy, she hid it again in her room under her easel. It took a whopping minute to find it.  Phew.

The book was made up of recipes that all the mothers in the class wrote up as an assignment.  The kids put it together in class.  Very cute.

Then I made breakfast of scrambled eggs with salsa and turkey bacon.  I made the tea from my present for Laura which she absolutely loved.  She also loves hot sauce on her eggs.

After breakfast, Laura had her usual swim lesson.  Her backstroke is getting much better.  Her front crawl is abysmal.  That’s probably why her teacher threw her.