Before getting to the birthday, I have to comment about Laura’s palate.  I must say that she is somewhat picky in her eating habits.  She doesn’t like eating leftovers and doesn’t like to eat things that have too many things added to them unlike her mother who likes as many flavors and textures in every meal.  Laura does love this unbelievably stinky blue cheese.  I love stinky blue cheese but this brand is extremely potent, even for my standards and Laura loves it.

She drew this picture of her dad playing basketball.  I thought it was Paul Pierce but I don’t think she’s a Celtics fan yet.  I don’t know why she would be playing in the play offs.

This picture is of Laura eating her lunch this afternoon.  Notice her bed head frizzed out hair.

This is Rayan.  He just turned 5.  He calls Laura “Laura baby”.  We went to his birthday party at Kidz Planet today.  The kids had a blast and ran around for an hour before having cake and pizza.

Now look at Laura’s gorgeous locks after a bath.