I finally got the H Mart in Burlington, MA today.  It was gorgeous and clean but the prices are definitely higher than the one I go to in Philadelphia.  I wanted to buy everything in the store but had to really restrain myself.  I was craving some Kimchi so I got 3 different kinds.  Laura and I broke out the smaller 2 and ate it with Bibim bap that I bought at the lunch counter.

I bought this Meyer’s lemon tree from Lowe’s last week.  It’s tiny and it cost $5.  My sister bought me one a few years ago that died rather quickly but I’m hoping maybe this one may survive since it should be able to flourish in the summer.  I don’t think it will like the winter though.

My little garden.

This is lemon balm.  I got a plant from a coworker maybe 3 or 4 years ago and I planted it in one of the pots and never used it.  It died over the winter but continued to sprout every year on the soil next to that pot of the original plant.  I’m so glad that it did because I love this little plant and so does Laura.

She requests this lemon balm tea and I tell her to go outside and break off some leaves.  We’ll wash it and cut it up and put it in a mug.

Put some sugar in it.

Pour hot water and let it steep for a couple of minutes.

It is so delicious, refreshing and healthy.  Laura will sometimes eat all the leaves.

After dinner tonight, I asked Laura if she wanted ice cream and she requested going to JP Licks because they have black raspberry.  It’s one of her favorite flavors.