We had a party for my husband’s colleagues on Sunday.  Laura was introduced to some new kids and she was a great little hostess.  Unfortunately, we had some lousy weather with intermittent thunderstorms so the kids didn’t play too much outside.  Laura became instant friends with Sophie.

Laura’s friends, Rayan and Waseem also came and sat down for some tea.

They also played with this toy for most of the day.  It’s called the Honeybee hop and the kids have to hop over the rotating wand.  They quickly took the toy upstairs and were jumping nonstop. Let’s just say that this essentially drowned out the thunder outside and added to the pounding in my head.

Laura had a great time and kept herself very busy.  I don’t think any of these kids actually ate anything because they were so busy playing.  The only time she came down to talk to us was to tell us that Rayan and Waseem were fighting.  Hahaha.  Like I said, a great little hostess.