This is what I did all day today.  It doesn’t look like much but it was back breaking.  I see why landscapers make so much money.  I dug out all the grass on one side of the house and dug 3 large holes.  I know it looks like Laura is actually helping and putting on her garden gloves but she was really useless and made ant hills, played with worms and would run off because digging out the soil was not fun.

We bought 3 blueberry bushes, fertilizer soil and mulch.  Look at my babies.  I know they look so puny but I hope they will flourish and give me yummy berries.

After that I was physically exhausted but Laura begged me to go see a movie that was playing at her school.  Her school sponsors a movie night on occasion and this was the last one for the year.  They were playing “Up” so I brought pillows and blankets.  I huddled under the blanket for the entire movie because it was freezing out.  It was also not very comfortable lying on concrete.  I need to buy some chairs.

Laura totally abandoned me for her friends so I watched the movie all by myself.  I didn’t know it started so early!  Boohoo.