I found these giant mulberry trees next to a gas station when I went in to fill one of my tires with air.  There are 3 gigantic trees.  This is the second time that Laura and I have been picking these berries.  They are situated in between the gas station and a triple decker apartment so it doesn’t appear to be on anyone’s property.  The branches are pretty tall so Laura is not very helpful in the picking department and I am also vertically challenged so there are so many ripe berries that are too far away to pick.  Boo.

This was what we had remaining when we got home because we ate 2/3 of it during the car ride.  Laura and I were talking to our neighbor about the mulberry tree and while we were chatting, Laura polished off the rest of these.

Our neighbor showed us her wild black raspberry bushes on her property and welcomed us to the berries.  Does she know that was a huge mistake on her part?  We are really good pickers!  Whoohooo!