These pictures were taken from Friday afternoon.  Laura kept herself busy playing with this 3D chalk.  You have to wear the special 3D glasses that it comes with and it does have some cool effects.

The rest of the weekend was pretty dull.  I spent much of Saturday morning mowing the lawn and then digging out the rest of the side of the house and after about 4 hours, I was beat and had to lie down to recover.  It was hot out and the sun was beating down on me.   I know it doesn’t look like much but it just doesn’t show how much work it requires to dig out all the grass.  I bought a hose and a stand as well for this side of the house.  I’m not sure what I am going to put in there since there are too many things (like vents) sticking out of the house.  I also had a “before” picture but I must have thrown it out from my camera.  Oh well, just imagine grass being where all the dirt is.

I haven’t cooked since the party.  I have had very little inspiration nor the motivation and now that it is actually feeling like summer, I have even less inclination.  Tonight, we had Five Guys burgers for dinner tonight and I felt horrible after eating it (probably because Laura only ate half of hers so I polished off my burger and ate the rest of hers. STOP DOING THAT!).  We went to Millenium park to work off our dinner.  I parked at the lowest part of the park so we could do a big loop.

It was gorgeous out.  The sun was setting and there was a strong breeze which cooled the air.  This is what happened when Laura heard the ice cream truck.  She bolted and kept waiting for me while I tried to catch up.

We were very far away from the top tier so by the time we got to the playground, the ice cream truck just left.  Oh well.  It’s better that I didn’t get any ice cream.