On Sunday, Laura and I drove down to New York.  This was the start of our little mini get away.  We said hello to Ymoboo and I told him to put down his mug.

Laura said hello to their gigantic fishes.  I call them the 3 stooges.

We had a girls’ night out that evening and met up at Patsy’s.

The food was good and we all ate a ton except for Laura who decided she was just going to eat bread and water.  No pizza?  What’s wrong with you, girl!  We did stop for ice cream afterwards and she didn’t have any problems eating that.

We spent the night at Ymo’s and then the next morning, we started our way down to Philly.  When I got everything packed into the car, a passerby let me know that I had a completely flat tire on the passenger side of the car.  Ugh.  I was starting to change it when all these cars kept coming by asking if I was going to give up the parking space.  Uh, hello, can’t you see I’m trying to change a tire?  I should have taken a picture of the flat but was too frustrated to remember.  Anyway, another guy stopped and asked if I was leaving the space and I told him that he can have it if he could help me change the tire.  He essentially changed the tire and put the doughnut on the car.  I asked him if all that work was worth the parking space and he said “absolutely”.

Laura and I finally got out of New York but I was nervous about driving all the way to Philly with a doughnut so just after the Holland Tunnel, Laura and I spent 2 grueling painful hours in New Jersey getting a new tire for the car.  We spent it at BJs eating crap and feeling more disgusting.

We were finally on our way to Philly.  Hello NJ Turnpike.

That was an easy 2 hour car trip and we finally got to Hah Dah Buh Gee’s place.  Laura got comfortable right away.

Hah Dah Buh Gee opened his belated Father’s day present.  For most of the week, we watched soccer and baseball on tv and did a lot of nothing.

I did purchase a membership to the Greenhill pool for my dad.  I had to in order to use the pool.  We had to be guests of the member to use the pool.  My dad, however, would not go to the pool even with constant begging!  Laura loved it and if I didn’t force her out, she would have slept in there.  The pool is definitely dated and you can tell it was probably built in the 1970’s but it was very clean and well maintained.

We did go to a Korean restaurant for some Neng Myun and of course some Rita’s water ice.  Yum.

Laura was getting much better at using chopsticks and preferred this over a fork for the week, even for her ravioli.

On Thursday, we got kicked out of the pool at 4pm due to a thunderstorm.  It came on very quickly and the bright hot sunny day became completely black in a matter of minutes.

We had our final swim before heading back up to New York on Friday.

I don’t know what I was thinking but it took a grueling 4 hours to get from Philly to New York.  I wanted to leave at 2pm but ended up leaving at 3pm trying to get everything together before heading back.  Ugh, what a mistake.  We got to Ymo’s place and she got take out sushi for us before Laura and I headed up into town for a show.

We were so lucky to get seats to this show called “Sondheim on Sondheim”.  It was the last week of its run.

Thank you so much to one of my best friends for the tickets.  We seriously sat in the first row and if I wanted to, I could have reached up and touched Vanessa William’s toes.  The show was great but I wish I had come up earlier to spend some time in New York.

Laura and I tried to get a cab back to Brooklyn but it was impossible and we ended up taking the subway back to Ymo’s place.  We got to bed  close to midnight.  The next day, we got up and went to Teresa’s for brunch.

I got the White Borscht soup, my favorite.  I forced Laura to try it and once she did, she ate most of the soup.

We took a short walk on the Promenade and then got to the car to start our way back to Boston.

It took 2 hours just to get out of New York.  Ugh, it was a rough commute but we got back to Boston at about 6:30pm.    We went to Toystory 3 with her dad right after we got back home and then we crashed.