It amazes me how much one can accomplish if one gets up early in the morning.  I woke up around the time that I get up for work and showered, changed and ready to go with breakfast in our bellies before 9am.  I even made a quick breakfast for the husband when he got home after working all night.  Then off to the grocery store, some lessons for Laura writing letters and reading, a quick trip to the library and then we were all ready to go on our mini trip to the beach by 12:30pm!

This is Laura snacking on her way to Onset, MA.  We’ve been there before.

We set up our little camp and this place was empty.  There were a couple of women with their kids that were nearby and a few other souls but pretty much deserted.  Of course, Laura just raced to the kids and forgot about me, as usual.  I introduced myself to the women and Laura had a great time with their daughters who were around Laura’s age. They played together the entire time.

She didn’t need her goggles because the water was FREEZING.  I couldn’t even get it past my knees.  The girls made little pools and gathered all the wild life they could find.  No hermit crabs this time but plenty of sea snails and jelly fish!

After the girls packed up and left, Laura finally returned to her mother and we both ate a late lunch.

I really like this beach even though there are too many rocks and shells.  It’s never that crowded and it’s very kid friendly.  I do think I will take Laura to a real beach where there is an actual ocean and waves next time.

We drove home, changed, went to the gym and I gave Laura some more tennis practice.  Ugh, it’s torture for me but she loves it.