What do you have for breakfast when you are about to get hit by a heatwave?  Frozen watermelon slush.  Just cut up some watermelon, throw it in the freezer.  Once frozen, pulverized it in a blender with a little water.  It’s so refreshing.

Our neighborhood was completely deserted.  I set up the water slide for Laura but she couldn’t figure out how to slide on it.  I’m sure if the boys were here this weekend, they would have shown her how to slide on this thing.  She just ended up sitting and somewhat slipping down the slide.

We went to Needham to watch the fire works.  We went last year.  It’s not as spectacular as the Esplanade but it’s close to where we live and it’s manageable.  We then got some ice cream at Lizzy’s.  I got the peppermint stick ice cream and it was so yummy delicious.  I must remember to avoid that place.  Happy 4th of July!