Laura woke up late this morning.  I had gone to Trader Joe’s yesterday so I picked up some of my favorites.  We ate my favorite hummus for breakfast with Middle Eastern flatbread.  I also got a small tub of mini mozzarella cheese balls, plum tomatoes and I picked some basil from my herbs outside.

Then I made Laura work on some letters and reading which she was not too happy about.

After that we went to the grocery store and we came back home and Laura requested a tuna fish sandwich.  She is now a big fan of tuna.  She never liked it until just recently.  She made it herself by opening up the can and mixing the mayo.  I just chopped some dill pickles for her and she ate it up.

Then we went over to Thomas’ house and hung out with them for the rest of the afternoon.  Thomas’ mom had a little art project for them.

We also got to hang out more with Thomas’ new brother, Max.

The boys and Laura hung out while I  begged their mom to let me put the boys bunk bed together.  I love assembling furniture.

I got started and then Thomas’ dad got home from work and we worked on the bunk beds together.  It was hot up in their room but I loved it.

TA DAH!  We had a few mishaps but it turned out ok.  I didn’t even realize until we finished that it took 4 hours to put together.

We all went to Bertucci’s afterwards for dinner.  The kids had fun playing with dough.  The adults all shared some sangria and we had a very nice meal.   I love the summer.