Laura and I got to go to The Summer Club today. Laura was so excited about coming here since she is essentially a fish and would love to live in the water like a mermaid.

She did the obstacle course several times until her palms were raw.  It reminds me of the tv show “Wipeout”.

They also had these motorized inflatable boats.

See those tubes coming off the sides at the top of the platform and then the 2 giant holes at the bottom left side of the picture?  Those are 2 slides.  I asked Laura if she wanted to go down the slide with me.   She was scared and I told her we could at least go down once and she reluctantly agreed.  When we got to the top, she was scared and asked me to go first.  She told me that she would go after me.  I went in first and I WAS SCARED!  It was crazy fast with lots of turns and toward the end I felt a little sick because I had no idea where I was.  All I could think about was poor little Laura who would be right behind me and scared out of her wits and likely crying when she got out.  Once I got to the bottom, I waited for her expecting the worst.  She’s always been a scaredy cat.  Anyway, as soon as she came out, she swam toward me and said “AGAIN!”.  I was shocked.  After that, she was up those stairs maybe 20 times.  She thought it was fun and not scary at all.  I, on the other hand, stayed away from those slides.  I was forced to go on the longer slide for one more try and after that, I stayed on a lounge chair for the rest of the day and read my book.

This girl was nonstop swimming, sliding and running around the whole day.  I had to force her to get out of the water to eat and drink something toward the end of the day.

I love love love the summer.  I can’t believe it’s almost half over already.  When I tucked Laura into bed tonight, she whispered to me “I love the Summer Club”.