First thing first.  When we got up this morning and after snuggling, I didn’t want to get out of bed.  I told Laura to go downstairs and make me some coffee.  She is such a good helper and I love this little girl.

Anyway, about 3 days ago, Laura was outside playing with the boys next door and it was getting pretty late.  She came in with 2 mosquito bites on her forehead.  This thing kept brewing for the next couple of days and the front part of her forehead was HUGE.  I know, it’s unimaginable but bigger than it normally is.   Then this morning, when I looked at her, the swelling had migrated down to her eyes and the center part of her nose.  I told her she looked like a Klingon and she said “No I don’t” (even though she’s never seen Star Trek!).