Thomas, Max and their mom joined us for some blueberry picking today.  It was a gorgeous day.  The blueberries were perfect.  There was low humidity but the sun was shining bright and we were all sweating.

Just as we were about to leave, Thomas dropped his load on the ground.  Boo.

We went to Joes American Bar & Grill for lunch and ate a ton of food.

We got home and I washed all the berries.   This is probably about 5 lbs.  Yummy and delicious.  I’ll probably be baking some blueberry stuff this week and also freezing a bunch.

Laura has been begging me to go back to the mini golf place all week so we took Thomas along and gave his mom a break.

I had a hole in one on this one!

We all got some Italian water ice afterwards.

Okay.  A little warning before looking at the next picture.  Thomas’ mom asked me if I could pull out Thomas bottom 2 teeth because they were really loose and his new teeth were already partially coming through.  I asked Thomas before our blueberry outing if he wanted me to pull his wiggly teeth and he said “YES!”.  After our mini golf outing, I asked Thomas if I could feel his wiggly teeth and when he showed me, I pushed one out really hard.  He was so shocked, his eyes looked like golf balls and before he knew it, I pushed the other one out as well.  He went running into the bathroom and cried a little bit from the shock and then kept washing his mouth out with water.  He was obsessed with his 2 small wounds in his gums and kept touching it and looking in the mirror.  After about 20 minutes in the bathroom, he was back to his old self and very pleased with the holes in his mouth.  He came up to me and said “Um, Helen, Thank you”.  I almost fell over.  I really think he was genuinely happy that I took out his teeth.  Is it bad that I thought that that was the best part of this whole awesome day?  (No, not the thank you, the pulling out of his teeth! )(Yes, sister, I know the emotional trauma that I caused you when I did this to you many many years ago and yes, you had the same golf ball eyes.  I remember.  hahahaha!).