Our usual Sunday routine except that I took a yoga class before tennis.  After lunch, I took the training wheels off of Laura’s bike and tried to teach her to ride.  She’s too chicken to go fast enough to learn how to balance herself on the bike.  After being completely drenched with sweat after I took a nice shower, I grilled steaks and made a big salad for dinner.

Laura and I have been wanting some bubble tea.  I drove us all the way into Chinatown to get some after dinner.  It was Sunday so I was afraid the shops were going to be closed but we took a chance.  Laura said in the car that if it was closed, she was going to be very “appointment” (disappointed).  She got the lychee and I got mango.  I should have gone with the lychee.  I only drank 1/2 and Laura drank all of hers and the rest of mine.