Sorry for neglecting the blog.  Nothing really exciting lately.  Laura took a trip to Florida with her dad last week and for Labor Day weekend, Laura and I went down to the Cape with Thomas’ family.

Hurricane Earl was supposed to hit (lightly, I might add) on Friday night so Laura and I got to the Cape on Saturday.  We decided to take the kids to an exciting Pirate voyage!   Look at the excitement on their faces and the poses.  Don’t ask me what Thomas is doing.

They all got a pirate tattoo.  Laura picked a mermaid tattoo for her arm (I know, so original).

All the kids had to sign their names on the flag.

The captain explained the duties to the kids and Laura had to take the flag on board.

Then they set out on the pirate ship to look for treasure!  I had to stay on land due to my complete aversion to boat rides!  Instead, I walked around the town and kept myself busy while they went off on their adventure.

The kids had fun and found “buried” treasure in the water which consisted of a bunch of plastic jewelry.  Afterwards, we took them to the ocean.  The water was warm but really choppy and there was an unrelenting wind that drove me crazy.  It pelted the sand on your body like needles.  Not comfortable.  Of course, the kids didn’t even notice because they were having so much fun.

We went to Spanky’s restaurant for dinner.  Laura ate most of the raw oysters.  On one hand, I’m so happy that she loves raw oysters but on the other hand, I want them for myself and they are NOT cheap!

I got the fried seafood combo!  I have been craving fried clams for a long time.  I haven’t had it for over 2 years.  It was good but not great. The clam bellies were really too grainy and not that appetizing.   The Clam Box in Ipswich is much better.

On Sunday, we got up early and hung out at the house and then went to the Wellfleet flea market which is the home to the Wellfleet Drive-In Movie Theatre.

Here’s Thomas trying out the Guy Fieri cap.

I bought Laura a book and I bought myself a beach hat.  We also stopped at the Atlantic Spice Company.

We came back home, changed and went back to the beach.  I was hoping that the wind would have died down but it did not.  It was still crazy windy and the water was still very choppy.  The kids found a big ditch that someone had dug out and started playing in it.

For dinner, we went to The Tugboat and got my first lobster for the season.

Laura and I left Monday just before noon.  It was a nice weekend.