Laura only had a 1/2 day on Friday and we ran into Thomas and his mom.  She asked her if she could come over and play so I dropped her off after lunch.  They played in the back yard for a little bit.  Don’t ask me what kind of pose Thomas is doing.

On Saturday, after lunch, Laura and I were going to go play some tennis (I mean, I was going to throw some balls to Laura) at the nearby court when we saw some streets roped off.  We parked and went in to investigate.  It was a block party on Thomas’ street.  It was awesome.  There was a DJ, free pizza and tons of baked goods and even a dunking booth.

I don’t think Laura was wearing enough pink today.

Temporary tattoos.

We ran in to Lucia with her parents.  Lucia was in Laura’s class last year.  They hung out for most of the afternoon.

She had a great time and ate a lot of junk and so did her mommy.