Laura and Thomas had noon dismissal on Friday so I picked both of them up for a play date.  They had lunch and then played some Wii.

Total spaz.

Laura had a make up swim class so I took them to the gym and then they played at the Treehouse for a bit before meeting up with Thomas’ dad for some sushi.  We went to Mr. Sushi in Brookline!

Yes, there is a giant lump under his right eye.  It’s called a Chalazion and needs to be lanced.  I want to lance it so bad but Thomas does not want me to come near him, especially after the tooth incident.

We got a LOT of food and it was all so good.

By the time I got my sushi, I was already stuffed but still managed to eat most of it.   Laura took my Tobiko sushi because 2 was not enough.  She ate a ton tonight (beyond what she normally eats) which makes me nervous because it may mean that she is going to have another growth spurt or she’s got a giant tapeworm.

Even after all the food she ate, she still wanted to eat the rest of my discarded rice.

We got vanilla Mochi for dessert and this was the most disappointing dish out of our whole meal.  The rice gluten tasted horrible.