I got this recipe from this site.  My office was having a bake sale so I decided to make something savory because I assumed that most people would bring sweet stuff.  Let’s just say that I used the dough recipe exactly and there is A LOT of butter and shortening in it which make the dough fabulous.  The filling, however, is a different story. I used it as a base but I ended up completely adding a ton of other stuff because I thought it was too bland  (more curry, cinnamon, Chinese spicy chili sauce, hot sauce, brown sugar, General Gao sauce).  The hubby liked it but told me to call them beef patties since they didn’t taste like Jamaican beef patties any more.  Laura helped me, of course.  I made these at different times of the day over the course of the weekend.  I’m going to say they were yummy delicious but so much work.