We broke tradition this year and went to a different apple orchard.  We tried Honeypot Hill Orchards in Stow, MA.  It’s a longer drive but I loved this place.  First, there is NO entrance fee.  You just have to buy a bag if you want to pick apples.  The hay ride is $1.  Totally reasonable.  This is Honeypot the bear who greets you at the front.  We’ve gone apple picking at Look Out Farm for many years.

It was the last weekend for picking and most of the trees were bare but we still found enough apples to fill our bags.

This is a MacIntosh.  All the apples were ripe and crisp.  We ate a TON of apples.

They also have a small area with farm animals.  Some goats, rabbits, pigs and chickens.  We actually watched a chicken lay an egg.  It was amazing. I totally did not get that on film.  Boo.

Laura and Thomas got fingerprinted by the police.  Yeah, they’re bad kids.

We got some apple cider doughnuts.  It was good but didn’t taste like apple.  I was hoping it had a nice apple flavor.  Get the sugar coated ones if you go.

We also went into the maze.  It cost $3 per person and Max was free.

This was the only time that Dimitri was chasing after the kids.

We are totally coming back here next year.  The place was crowded but manageable and the cost is reasonable unlike Belkin Look-Out Farm which is way too expensive.