We went Trick-or-Treating with Thomas and his cousins tonight in Dedham.  Laura wanted to be a kitty cat and decided this about an entire month before.  I think it’s because we looked at some of her baby pictures from previous Halloweens.  We all got to eat pizza before our outing.  This is a picture of Laura and Thomas starting to eat their pizza and before Thomas spilled his apple juice all over her.

This is the clan.  Thomas in the scary mask and Max as a Zebra.  Sarah is a hefty umpire.

This year, the kids did great and ran to the doors and went from house to house very quickly.  Laura would ring the bell, say “trick or treat” and then state “I’m allergic to peanuts”.   It was freezing cold outside but I think all the running around kept the kids warm.  It was a fun night.