Laura had her routine dental appointment last week with some bad news.  2 cavities in her bottom molars.  She’s set up for some dental work in the next several months.  I’m sure she won’t be smiling at those appointments.

Additionally, her bottom baby teeth will not get loose.  Her dentist said to start working on it or he’ll have to pull them on her next visit.   It looks like shark teeth.  I’ve been trying to wiggle these babies but they do not want to come out!  I’ve been tugging at them pretty hard but I haven’t had much luck like I did with Thomas.

I bought a pair of jeans for Laura at Target.  I’ve bought many pairs of jeans in the past but she refused to wear them because she said they were not comfortable.  Now she LOVES her new jeans and wants to wear them all the time.  I do not understand this girl.  Maybe it’s because she thinks she looks like a cowgirl with her jeans and boots.  I think she just looks like a bean pole.

When she came home from school yesterday, she wanted to put nail polish on her nails.  I obliged reluctantly with fear that would stain the furniture so I had her do it over newspaper.

She didn’t like it and then took it all off with nail polish remover.  Good try, girl.  Good try.