On Wednesday, Laura’s school let out at noon so I took the day off to pick her up early and do something fun.  For lunch, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant in Brookline for some Pho.

Then I took Laura to the MFA.  They just added a new wing to the museum and had a promotion so admission was free.  It’s too bad that parking cost $22.

Look at this big baby head.  It’s huge.  Ok, I’ll put Laura next to it so you can see how huge it really is.

The new wing is a great addition to the MFA.  I wasn’t really a big fan of the original but they’ve added a lot more contemporary art and the space is great.  The layout is really confusing and I had a hard time navigating through the collection so I have no idea if we actually saw most of it.  We didn’t spend much time going through the original museum but spend several hours trying to navigate through the new parts.

I may have not seen it at all because Laura was being giant whining brat when we first got there.  It was so bad that I almost took her home without even going into the museum.  I finally calmed down and essentially ignored her for rest of the day and tried to enjoy myself while she just tagged along.  I guess this is what I have to look forward to when she becomes a teenager.  This is what I get for trying to expose her to any culture.  I’ll just have to remember to just shove it down her throat next time instead of thinking that this is actually a special treat.