Wow, this post is late.  Thanksgiving was not very exciting.  Hubby was working all week so we decided to have Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday.   We actually had nachos for dinner on the night of Thanksgiving.  Egad!   We didn’t travel anywhere or had any guests so it was very quiet.

Dinner was tasty.  I bought a real spiral ham which I love.  Do you notice anything missing on this plate?  Yep, turkey.  There is no turkey on my plate.  I think this might be the 3rd year where I mistimed the turkey and it was not ready by the time we were ready for dinner.  I planned to eat dinner late afternoon but it was still not done by 6pm so we went ahead and ate everything else.  The turkey came out delicious and perfect but no one actually ate it until the next day.

Laura and I ended up going to a friend’s place after Thanksgiving dinner.  They were actually having a dinner party so I ate another round of food.  Ugh, I’m so bad with my eating habits this time of year.  Well, that’s not true, I’m always bad but it’s worse on the holidays.