The family went to see “Tangled”.   It was so cute.  I laughed, I cried and really enjoyed the movie.  The hubby looked over at me when I was wiping away some tears and said “Are you kidding me?”.  Yeah, I am that sappy.

Then we went to the Yard House for lunch. Food was good, lots of large screen TVs and endless varieties of beer.  It was too early for beer.

We finally got home around 3pm and then Laura and I joined Thomas’ family for their church’s Open House at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church.  Laura was a little hesitant meeting Santa but then quickly gave him a list of the toys that she wanted for Christmas.   There were a lot of activities for kids: face painting, crafts and even a chocolate fountain.  There was some hot apple cider too but unfortunately, it was not spiked.

Just before we left, Father Brian wanted to take a picture with all the kids.  Laura shot up next to Santa.  I think that she believes if she hangs out with him enough, he will give her some big presents this year.  Dream on, girl.