Laura and I drove down to my dad’s on Christmas eve.  In the morning, we opened our presents.

Laura was very excited to put together the gingerbread house.  I think it’s just a ploy to EAT all the candy.

I made Christmas dinner: Prime rib and sides.  It was delicious. My brother also came for the weekend.

Due to the arriving snow storm, James left early Sunday morning.  Laura went to Esther’s birthday pool party which was at the Club Le Maison in Wayne on Sunday morning.   Esther was an incredible hostess to Laura and was very attentive since she knew that Laura did not know any of the other kids.

After the party, we went over to Esther’s house for a few hours to hang out and catch up.  The girls had a fabulous time.

We left after a few hours because the snow started coming down.  Philly probably got about a foot of snow by Monday but the winds were pretty bad.

This is what my dad and Laura did all Monday and actually any spare time that they had.  Yep, watching tv.

Not just any tv.  Korean drama.

On Tuesday, the roads were pretty much cleared and we joined my dad’s friends for their weekly bowling league.  Laura and I shared a lane.

After bowling, everyone met up at a Chinese buffet restaurant for lunch.  The first thing Laura ate was a giant sesame ball.  It was only minutes later that she started having a reaction and I figured out that there was a peanut paste in the center.  Ugh.  I took her to the bathroom to wash her mouth out.  She was still clawing at her mouth but did not have any breathing problems so I just watched and waited.  She ate a little more food and I took her to the bathroom a few times because she said she didn’t feel good.  On the 3rd trip, she vomited everything up and she felt better.  I am thankful that she is able to ingest peanuts and not have an anaphylaxis reaction.  At least her body expels it.  Phew.

On Wednesday, we did a little shopping and ran a few errands and then in the evening, my dad took out the bingo set and we played a few rounds of bingo. I’m telling you, we live an exciting life!

On Thursday, we were planning to go up to New York to visit the baby.  I got to my car just before we were about to leave to see that the bumper was crushed in.   We were pressed for time but my dad insisted on filing a police report.  Luckily the police officer came quickly and we got that taken care of.  

We met up with my aunt and uncle at my mom’s gravesite and then went to lunch at Minado where I ate beyone capacity.  Then we drove up to New York to visit my sister and the new baby!

Cutie pie Reggie.

Laura could not get enough of her baby cousin.

Hah dah buh gee was incredibly happy with his new grandson.

Now I am an ymo too!

Laura and I drove back to Boston and my dad went back to Philly with my aunt and uncle.  We got home at 2am and I quickly distracted Laura and put Santa’s gift under the tree.  I broke off a few pieces of the gingerbread cookies too.  After I had Laura change into her pjs and wash up, she asked me very meekly if she could check the tree to see if Santa left anything for her.  Of course I said “Sure but don’t be disappointed if he didn’t leave you anything.” (I know, I am a horrible mother).  Suffice it to say that she was completely shocked, bewildered, ecstatic to find that Santa had really left her a present.  She couldn’t keep her mouth closed.  Merry Christmas, my little girl.