We have been trudging through the onslaught of snow storms every week and trying to survive.  On Tuesday night, we went out to a relatively new Lebonese restaurant called Al Wadi that is close by. This place was really good.  The salads were so fresh, crunchy and delicious.  The food was very well seasoned and cooked perfectly.  Laura only wanted salad for dinner.  I, of course, ate beyond capacity. We will surely be going back to this place again.  I’m still dreaming about the salad.

Laura had ANOTHER snow day on Thursday and I brought her into work AGAIN.   After lunch, she told me she was very tired and I brought her a pillow and blanket and nestled her in the corner of my office.  She was out for 2 hours.  It’s because her dad let her stay up till 11pm the night before!

When we got back home, she wanted to play outside and she built this miniature snow man.  It’s so cute!