We had a very busy Sunday.   Laura had her 2nd real tennis lesson.  It’s only been 1/2 hour lessons.  She loves it.

The coach is being too nice to her.

She’s still a little better at this than her Ymo!

Then she had her usual swim lesson.

At the end of class, her instructor tosses all the kids in the pool.  They love it.  I wish I could be tossed like that.

We came home for lunch and then met up with Thomas and his dad to go sledding.  Laura has not gone all winter.  I am a bad mom considering we have had so many snow storms this month and this is the first time I took her.   The snow was packed down and kids were flying all over the place.  I only took one ride down.  I need to go buy myself my own sled.

This is shocking but after dinner, Laura asked me if I would take my needle nose pliers and pull her other tooth out.  So, I asked her if I could just see how wiggly it was and then yanked it out quickly.  She wimpered for a second and then ran to the bathroom to check it out.  She was very happy that I pulled it out.  This girl is surprising me at how tough she is getting. It must be all the tough love.   I love my little girl.