I pulled Laura out of school on Friday to go to New York for the weekend.  We met up with her baby cousin, Reggie!

We got to New York in the early afternoon and went out to a local restaurant for lunch.  We came back to Ymo’s place and hung out with the munchkin.

Laura could not keep her hands off this baby.  Laura, Ymo and I went out to a great Italian restaurant in Tribeca for a birthday dinner for one of our friends and Reggie stayed home with his daddy.  As soon as we got back, she was on this baby like white on rice.   I should call her “little mama” from now on.

On Saturday, we spent most of the day hanging out and taking care of the baby.

She wouldn’t even let us push the stroller.  We went to Theresa’s for a late brunch.

Mmmmm.  White Borscht soup.

Saturday was much colder.  We spent about an hour at Sleepy’s looking for new mattresses and then went back home and hung out.  I know, life with a new kid is exciting!  Laura and I watched “Ramona and Beezus” and then went to bed.  Laura gave this movie 4 stars.

On Sunday, Laura and I took Reggie out for about an hour and walked along the Promenade.  It was chilly but nice to be outside.  Yes, I could not loosen Laura’s grip on that stroller to save my life.

Laura and I stopped by to meet up with Thomasina and her sister, Marlene!  It was a quick visit but very worthwhile.  We both had a great time catching up.  Then we made the painful trudge back to Boston.