Laura’s front teeth are coming in and causing her baby teeth to buck forward.  They are somewhat loose and I have been patiently asking her if I can yank them out.  She keeps refusing but on Sunday, she agreed to try the string on the door trick.  We couldn’t find any good string so we used floss.

It didn’t work.  The floss broke in the middle but it did make the tooth a little more loose.   Sigh.  I should just yank them out in her sleep.

This is Laura’s breakfast.  She has asked for waffles with blueberries for breakfast for the last 4 days.  She put the blueberries in the middle and then eats it last.  I asked her if she wanted me to buy her blueberry waffles but she only wants regular waffles with blueberries on top.  Yes, I know the knife is in the wrong hand but this girl is stubborn and won’t switch hands.  She is getting pretty good with the knife and fork though.