I love ginger.  I used to buy it and use only a little amount and then put it in the refrigerator where it would shrivel up and die a slow death.  I hate waste so I wouldn’t buy it very often and this made me very sad.  So I figured out a way to use it all up.

First get a nice firm piece of ginger and peel the skin using a small spoon.  This is easy and you can get all the crevices.

Grate it all up.

Then I lay out a piece of Press and Seal wrap by Glad and put about 1 Tablespoon onto the plastic.  Space them out and then use another piece to lay on top and seal the edges of the ginger.  I then cut it into individual squares, put it in a plastic bag and store it in the freezer.  Whenever I need some ginger for a recipe, I just pop one out of the bag.  Voila!