I yanked Laura’s snaggletooth.  She gave me permission to pull it out while she was sleeping so I did.  I tried to pull the tooth toward me but it ended up back in her mouth because she turned over to go back to sleep.   I had to shake her awake and ask her if she swallowed it and she was confused and kept asking me  “What are you talking about?”.  I asked her if she swallowed her tooth and she kept asking me “What tooth?”.  Finally she fiddled around in her mouth and pulled it out.  She was so dazed that she didn’t even cry.  She washed her mouth out with water and then went right back to bed.  I can probably do an appendectomy on this girl while she’s sleeping.

Sweet angelic little girl.


Now toothless and gummy.

This morning she asked me if she cried when I yanked her tooth out.  I told her what happened and she did not remember a thing but she laughed hysterically while I recounted the story.