Laura and I drove down to New York and picked up the Reg and Ymo on Saturday for out trip to Philly to visit with Hah dah buh gee.  We drove in torrential rain but made it through the storm safe and sound.  We didn’t do much during our stay except eating a lot and hanging out the Reggie and Hah dah buh gee.

Oh yes.  We took multiple trips to Rita’s!

On Sunday, we went to my dad’s church to introduce Reggie to his congregation.  Then on Monday, we met up with my aunt, uncle and Somchun Jimmy  and some of my dad’s close friends for lunch at Minado.

Then we visited my mom’s grave and had a small ceremony to honor her memory.

Poor Reggie couldn’t have any Rita’s.

I made a small rib roast and crab legs for our dinner on Tuesday night.

Then we played some Bingo!  I know, we live an exciting life.

My dad won 2 games and Laura won 1 after she traded cards with him.

I also bought some flowering plants for my dad and planted it for his porch.  Very cute.

Laura brought down her Korean books so that my dad could read it for her.

On Wednesday, we left Philly but stopped at Rita’s just before leaving town.  We dropped Reggie and Ymo in New York and then made the long trip back to Boston.