We got up extra early for the Egg Hunt this year.  Laura reminded me every day for the whole week that we had to get there early on Saturday so we wouldn’t miss it like we did last year.  The egg hunt started at 10am but we got there about 20 minutes earlier and almost froze to death.  It was raining and cold the whole morning.  Laura and I even practiced the egg toss at home but we didn’t end up staying to participate because it was so miserable.  Thomas and Max joined us.

The same spooky Easter bunny showed up again.

We dropped off Thomas, Max and his dad and then went to the grocery store.  By then, it was pouring rain.  We got home and all I wanted to do was curl up in my bed for 10 hours but Laura insisted on dyeing Easter eggs.  We dyed some eggs and ate some for lunch, made egg salad with the rest and we did nothing else for the rest of the day.