I’ve been pretty lazy with the blog lately.  I also took a trip last weekend to Baltimore for Preakness sans child so there were no Laura pictures.

This past week, the weather has drastically changed.  I would say that most of May has been horrible.  Cold and raining so much so that Laura would sometimes wear her winter coat to go to school and the heat was still on in the house for most of the month.  Lo and behold, it was close to 90 degrees today and essentially summer has kicked in.  Oh I can only hope that we will have a spring next year (although I am always disappointed).

Laura begged me to take her to Lars Anderson park after school.  This park is perfect for hot sunny days because there are a lot of shade trees.  Good choice Laura.

She drank about 3/4 of this giant bottle of Gatorade.

Here’s the proof.

See that giant orange thing in the water?  It’s a goldfish.

After the park, I made Laura some Neng Myun for dinner.  It was perfect for a hot day but just tasted ok.  It was instant Neng Myun from the frozen section at H Mart.  I should learn how to make this from scratch.  Happy early summer!