I went to Philly for July 4th weekend to help out with my dad.  Laura and her dad went to Chicago to visit some friends and they had a great time.  They watched some local fireworks and spent some time at a pool.

Laura has been taking everything in stride and being her usual happy self.  She spent 1 day at the YMCA camp last week (different program) and they went to CocoKeys (water park).  She said she enjoyed it but she didn’t make any friends yet.  She is excited because the day trips for the camp sound fun.

On Friday, we went to her dad’s work for lunch. She asked me if we could go to Chinatown afterwards for some bubble tea!  Great idea, Laura!  Lychee bubble tea.  It was good and bad.  Bad because traffic out of Boston was a nightmare and we ended up sitting in the car all afternoon trying to get home.

On Saturday, I took a morning class at our gym and then spent an hour playing tennis with Laura.  Hmmm.  I don’t know if I can call it “playing”.  I just hit some balls to her.  The tennis courts were HOT!  She had a good workout and actually had a good time.

We went home for lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the Summer Club. She was like a tiger in a cage where she couldn’t stop running around unless I actually forced her.  She would just keep going like a crazed gerbil or something.  It’s as if she can’t get enough and wants to get everything in before I force her to go home.  I had to hold her down to drink something and to eat some water ice!