Laura and I took a weekend trip with Thomas’ family up at their NH home.  

Laura hung out for some time at the pool on all 3 days.

On Saturday, Laura, Thomas and his dad took a 2 to 3 hour hike in the morning.  In the afternoon, I got talked into going kayaking.  Since Laura was too small to go on her own kayak, we rented a double.  Thomas got a single kayak but was tethered onto his dad’s kayak.  The river was VERY low and in a lot of spots, the kayaks got stuck and we had to get out and pull them along.  I complained the whole time because it was a lot of work but we all had a pretty good time.

On Sunday, we drove to a swimming hole.  We walked a little bit along the river and then got some ice cream. 

It was a nice little trip for the summer.   We had a good time.