Laura and I took a quick trip to Philly this weekend to help her Hah dah buh gee recover from more ankle surgery.  Hopefully this will be his last.  We arrived very late on Thursday night.  I dropped off dad at the hospital for his procedure on Friday morning and then had breakfast with Laura.  She thought this grapefruit was the best thing she has ever tasted.  We spent the rest of Friday at the hospital and then brought dad home in the late afternoon.

I brought a bunch of indoor activities for her to do.

Then we did the puzzle again the next day.

And some paint by numbers but that was way too hard.

Of course we played a few rounds of Bingo!  Laura won 4 games and I won only 1.  Hah dah buh gee did not win a game.  We bet quarters and Laura took the pile of winnings.  I think this girl rigged the game.

Of course we had some Rita’s!