Laura and I drove down to Philly to help out my dad.  We left on a Thursday and stopped at Panera’s for lunch.  Laura used to get the Broccoli Cheddar soup and I would always get my favorite, French Onion Soup.   After trying it several times over a 1 year period, this is now her favorite soup.  Yummy melted cheese! 

We visited with Esther and Eli for a few hours on Friday and swam in their fantastic pool and had some lunch.  It was awesome.  

We did some cleaning at my dad’s and Laura tried to help.  She would insist on helping and then give up after 5 minutes.  She would rather watch Korean dramas with my dad.

On our way back to Boston, we took a quick stop into New York to see the Reg.    It has been too long since we saw him last and he is growing up fast.  He was somewhat shy and nervous when we first bombarded him with kisses but then he relaxed and got used to us.   Laura could not get enough of him and kept kissing him.