The family went down for an overnight trip to Falmouth.  We stayed with someone that Laura’s dad works with.  We came down on Friday afternoon and spent the day at the beach.  This was an inlet which was great for the kids.  They were very busy catching little creatures and trying to fish.  Laura and Jane look for little crabs.

The bait for the fishing pole.  A sea worm.

Laura’s ready to do some fishing.

The kids were busy with little activities and Laura did a lot of tv watching.

We also got fried clams!  The kids didn’t want any so there were more for me to eat.  I have met my fried clam quota for the year.

On Saturday morning, Laura’s dad and I went to a local diner for breakfast and walked around the town of Falmouth while Laura hung out with Jane and her brother Ryan.  We left early afternoon when it started drizzling so we could get home before Hurricane Irene (projected to arrive on Sunday).  It was a great little trip.