We went to a wedding on Saturday night.  It was our first Greek wedding and it was at a beautiful church.  Laura wasn’t technically invited so we just went to the ceremony.

After the wedding, we drove around and then ended up at Abe and Louies for dinner.   The highlight of Laura’s meal was her getting a Shirley Temple.

On Sunday, just at dusk, we took a walk at the Arnold Arboretum.  It was gorgeous but sticky outside.  This hawk just hung out on a branch near the entrance.  He/she was still there when we came back after almost an hour.

We took the last week of August (beginning of September) off for vacation and ended up having a Staycation. Besides going to Falmouth, we enjoyed staying at home and hanging out every day together.  We watched a lot of movies and went out to lunches and dinners and pretty much got nothing done.  Aaaahh well.   Back to reality and work.