Laura’s birthday party was held at our home and I was praying to the weather gods for many days.  It was forecasted to dump rain throughout the entire weekend but by Saturday, it was overcast but it did not rain.  GLORIOUS!

I prepared for the party and made tons of foods.  I finally realized my OCD when I was making these mint oreo truffles last night which was taking forever after making at least 3 separate trips to the grocery store because I was completely unorganized and kept forgetting things.  They were a huge hit and really delicious but a pain to make.  I ended up using almost 2 packages of oreos because I kind of messed up the recipe.

Laura woke up at an ungodly hour and came into bed with me.  Hubby said it was around 2am but I thought it was 5am.  Anyway, she didn’t go back to sleep because she was too excited about her party.  I should have put a shot of espresso in her tea.

We rented this Moonbounce and that’s why the weather was so important!   Whoever invented this deserves some kind of humanitarian award.  The boys next door rang our bell at 10am and asked if they could play.  Laura played in there nonstop until the party which was at 3pm and continued throughout the whole day until 7pm when the mosquitoes came out in droves.   It did not rain but it was so humid, you felt like you were in a sauna.

We got the pinata (that Laura and I made) and hung it up on the basketball rim.  It was a huge hit and all the kids were having fun.  When the candy went flying, all the kids grabbed the candy and Laura stood by and had a melt down because she didn’t get any candy.  I think she was overtired from all the bouncing and lack of sleep.

She blew out her cake reluctantly and didn’t even eat a piece of her cake.  I know the pictures don’t show it but she actually had a fantastic time at her birthday.  I was so busy with the party that I took only a few pictures (shocking, I know!).  We all had a great time and we got to hang out with some of Laura’s friends’ parents as well as some of our friends.  We haven’t had a home party in a long time so it was all very good.  I must again thank God for the weather and the Moonbounce.