These lovely flowers were sent to me by hubby.  So pretty.  Ok, I just had to share before going on to the trip.

Laura had a 1/2 day at school on Friday so after I picked her up at noon, we got everything ready for our road trip to Philly.  It was a long trip and Laura snoozed a bit during the trip.  Lucky kid.

She also took pictures and did some activities because she was bored.

We got to Philly relatively late on Friday night.  The next day was filled with lots of errands and stuff to do for my dad.  Laura tried her best to help but mostly hung out with my dad and watched endless hours of Korean drama.

She also wanted to use her new sleeping bag and refused to put it on the futon.  Instead she preferred to sleep on the hardwood floors because really, it’s just so much more softer and more comfortable than the futon.  The floor is so soft on my head, I don’t even need a pillow!

On Sunday, my aunt and uncle came with a huge box of Maryland crabs.  We had a great time picking and smashing the crabs and eating the yummy sweet innards.  Laura did not want any and ended up eating rice and kimchi.  Good!  More crabs for mommy!

My uncle and I played tennis and then we got an ice cream cake to celebrate all of our birthdays since all of our birthdays fall in September and October.

On Monday, I ran a few more errands and cleaned some more.  We finally left a little after 1pm.  Traffic was horrendous but we stopped in New York for a quick visit with the Regginator.  We dropped off some stuff for him and then after a short hello, made our way back to Boston.