It was a very busy weekend!  We got a lot of stuff done and Laura enjoyed a many Halloween festivities.  On Friday, right after school, she saw her Pediatrician for her annual check up.  Then we barely got to her swimming class.  Afterwards, we went to the West Roxbury Police station where they were hosting their annual Halloween party.  Laura really wanted to go to this party for some reason.  It was the first time we had gone and this place was completely mobbed.  Suffice it to say, we won’t be going next year.

Saturday was a wasted day.  It rained all day and then SNOWED!  Only a couple of inches but enough to get me depressed enough to do absolutely nothing all day.  We watched movies and ate junk food.

On Sunday, it was another whirlwind.  Laura had a birthday party at Plaster Fun Time and then a Halloween party at her friend, Kylie’s house.   Many of her little girlfriends came too.    She had a great time.  There was a bunch of activities like limbo, rice crispy treat decorating, face painting and they ran around a lot.

On Monday, Halloween, we met up with Thomas’ family and went Trick or Treating with them in the cold cold night.   Thomas was Thor!

The gang!

Laura organized and counted her goodies.  Happy Halloween!