It was a very busy and hectic trip to Philadelphia.  Laura and I arrived around 6pm on Wednesday night.  We ate a quick dinner and I went to the grocery store to get the turkey.  On Thursday, I did some more shopping to get dinner ready and got the turkey in the oven.  Ymo arrived with baby Reggie and Jimbo.  He has gotten super chubby and cute and Laura was happy to spend some time with her baby cousin.  Dinner was served around 3pm and everyone ate very well.

On Friday, I ran some errands with my dad and Laura hung out with Reggie.

Ymo and the rest of the family left on Saturday morning.  Laura and I visited Esther for breakfast and met up with Thomasina and her little sister.  We then went on to visit more friends of mine and then raced back to my dad’s.

We attended one of my dad’s friends’ 50th anniversary party that evening.  It was at a Chinese restaurant called Liu Liu and we ate a 10 course feast.  Talk about stuffing yourself after Thanksgiving.  It was a lovely party.

We left on a late morning flight on Sunday, arrived home and collapsed.