Laura was already in the Christmas spirit last weekend.  She begged me to buy her a Gingerbread house.  I wanted to try building it from scratch but she prefers the premade kind.  She saw this kit at Roche Bros so we had to make a special trip just to buy it.  I told her to wait until the next day to put it together.  Wouldn’t you know, she got up before everybody, woke me up just for this thing?!   I helped her a little bit but she managed to do almost all of the assembly and decorating herself.

In the afternoon, we dragged her little tree out from the attic and I helped her put it together.  After that, she decorated her tree and then left a little present for Santa.

She wanted to give Santa something healthy and included some carrot sticks (which are shriveling up already!).  Maybe she thinks he needs to lose some weight to get into our chimney.  She is hoping that he will give her more presents this year.  No lie, she still totally believes in Santa Claus.