After leaving New Jersey, Laura and I drove down to my dad’s to spend Christmas with him.  We opened presents on Christmas day and NOT Christmas eve.  Shocking!  I got my dad this warm fuzzy robe and he looked great in it.  My dad is slowly getting better and becoming a little more independent.

Laura opened her gifts.  She got a few videos and some clothes.  Let’s just say she watched her videos for the majority of this trip.  We all went to church together after opening presents and went to mom’s grave.

The day after Christmas, Laura attended Esther’s birthday party.  This party was in her home with a theme!

Lights, camera, ACTION!

The girls were placed in small groups and made short video commercials based on made-up hilarious kids’ toys.  We did a parody on Sky Diving Barbie.  They dressed up and acted out their parts.  Don’t ask me about the mustaches.  Apparently, all the girls like to wear mustaches. Who knew?

We came home and Tornado Reggie came down to spend some Christmas time with us.    See him getting into all the drawers?!

Oh yes, this boy likes to EAT!

We went to Minado for lunch the next day and said farewell to Reggie’s family.  Laura and I stayed another day with my dad and then drove back to Boston on Wednesday.  It’s nice to spend time with the family.